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TYCX series of automatic vacuum forming machine designed by our company is an all-powerful thermal forming machine. It is mainly vacuum forming as well as press forming and synthetically forming. It can be used for processing all kinds of plastic sheet and producing packing products, such as food, medicine, electronic element, child toys and textiles, etc. The raw material could be PVC, PET, HIPS, PP, PE and PSP.

Disposable material for lunch box, bowl, tray, plate, etc
Internal cushioning material for food, fruits and cosmetics, etc


Model No. TYCX-800/1000 TYCX-1000/1100
Forming Area 750×1000 mm 1000×1100 mm
Forming Depth 80 mm
Production Efficiency 3-5 S/Die
Forming Pressure 15 T 20 T
Heating Power 90 KW 108 KW
Mounted Power 136 KW 146 KW
Overall Size 15×1.8×2.2 M 15×2.1×2.5 M
Total Weight 8 T 12.5 T

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