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Chemically cross linked PE foam sheet production line is to produce a very fine closed cell structured, chemically cross linked polyethylene foam sheet, in continues roll, with smooth, aesthetic surface on both sides from polyethylene a cross-linking and blowing agents, and some other purpose additives.
Compared to non-crosslinked polyethylene foam, it typically offers superior thermal stability and insulating properties plus improved imensional consistency and stability over a wide range of fabrication methods and end-user’s conditions. XLPE foams are used as insulation and sound absorbing materials in a host of container’s designs.
It is easy to work fabricate and thermoform. XLPE foams are right at home in the building and construction industry where thermal insulation, moisture resistance, sound and vibration are critical. Indoor or outdoor XLPE foams build success.
XLPE foams also used in backpack padding, luggage and similar application are benefiting from a wide array of beautiful colors and variable densities.

Characteristics of XPE Foam Sheet:
Excellent insulation materials (Cold-Warm)  Excellent ventilation and stepping and knocking sound insulations
Great lightness  Not sensitive to vapor  Excellent chemical resistance  Insects and rodents protection
Thin, flexible material  Tailor-made solution  Dyes are applicable  Easy to laminate  No hazard to health


1. Dashboards 1. Die-cut gaskets 1. Thermo foamed packaging
2. Sun visors 2. Self-adhesive tapes 2. Cushion packaging for impact dampening
3. Interior lining and floor mats 3. Mounting tapes 3. Display packaging
4. Upholstery and cushioning 4. Refrigerators, fan coils and boilers 4. Wrapping foils
5. Steering wheel covers BUILDING/CONSTRUCTION 5. Packing for cosmetics, cameras, audio and video equipment
6. Aircraft seating 1. Underlay for floor coverings
SPORTS & RECREATION 2. Acoustic and thermal insulation material OTHER APPLICATIONS
1. Camping and sports mattresses 3. Sealing strips for acoustic and thermal insulation 1. Capet backing
2. Floatation devices 4. Insulation for air conditioning 2. Waterproof mats for household uses
3. Padding and lining for sports equipment and shoes 5. Pipe insulation 3. Orthopedic and other medical equipment
4. Swimming pool covers 6. Corrugated sheeting sections 4. Electrodes for medical applications
5. Toy manufacturing 7. Joint fillers roof coverings 5. Adverting items
6. Shoe insoles 8. Ceiling and wall linings 6. Slippers and sun caps
  9. Heating duct insulation 7. Seat cushions

Capacity: 100-250kg/h  Max. Width: 1500mm  Thickness: 3-15mm  Density: 25-200kgs/cbm  Electricity: 300kw  Screw diameter: 150mm

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Chemically Cross Linked PE Foam Production Line