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PE foam net extruder, EPE foam net is a kind of new soft packing material. It is widely used for the package of glass products, precision instrument, and various kinds of fruits.

• High cushioning properties
• Excellent resisting from damage and bruise by individually packed.
• High protection against surface abrasion.

• Apples • Specialty gifts • Mangos • Papaya • Tomatoes
• Beverages • Bottled products • Cosmetics • Jars • Glass


L/D 55:1 55:1
Screw speed(R/MIN) 5-60 5-60
Capacity(KG/H) 12-15 14-17
Foam Rate 10-35 10-40
Specification(string) of product 10-40 10-40
Cooling method Water cooling
Mounted Power(KW) 28 32
Overall Size(M) 7×1.3×1.7 8×1.3×1.7

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