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PE foam pipe(tube) extruder produces qualified expanded cellular PE foam pipe (tube) by butane gas forming method with several materials like GMS(Surface Active Agent), Tal, etc and supplying the controlling system of each parts by automatic systems.

• Not cross linked closed cell polyethylene foam pipe, tube for plumbing, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning insulation.

General properties:
• Polyethylene based product-inert material, highly resistant to chemicals.
• Environment friendly product: free of CFC, HCFC and chemical blowing agents.
• 100% recyclable.
• Flexible low weight material, easy to slip and install.
• Low thermal conductivity.
• Compatible with all sealing materials.
• Find round closed-cell cellular structure assures: negligent absorption and water permeability.
• Excellent impact and compression resistance even for low thicknesses.


L/D 55:1 55:1 55:1 55:1 55:1
Screw Speed(r/min) 5-60 5-60 5-60 5-60 5-60
Foam Rate 20-40 20-40 20-40 20-40 20-40
Specification(MM) 20-40 20-50 30-80 40-100 50-120
Cooling method Water cooling
Mounted Power(KW) 30 40 90 100 120

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