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Polyethylene is a kind of thermo plastics and is used produce consumer products. In its foam form, polyethylene is used in insulation, packaging and vibration dampening, as a material for cushioning. We can see a lot of this product as a packaging material.
The whole world produces sixty million tons of polyethylene every year. In the United Kingdom, polyethylene is known as polythene. In the world, the material is sometimes abbreviated as PE.
Polyethylene is produced through the polymerization of ethylene. Like other polymers, polyethylene is made up of huge chains of ethylene and has a molecular weight in the millions. The material can be ripped apart by human hands. Polyethylene with different densities or material properties is created by using different catalysts during the polymerization process. For example, HDPE (high density polyethylene) is produced with the catalyst chromium, which causes the molecular chains to branch less and therefore possess a higher density.
Polyethylene is buoyant, making it popular for nautical uses. Most types of polyethylene are non-abrasive; serve as a thermal insulator, are inert to water, grease and solvents at typical temperatures; are CFC-free and ozone friendly, recyclable, odorless, and very lightweight. Many types of polyethylene are approved for use in the food industry.
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