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PS food container production line produces disposable food box, lunch box, take-away food box, meat box, hamburger box and fruit tray, etc.

PSP foam food container has wide applications in various fields. PS foam food container machine inherits all the merits of the original model, enhanced by new technology. Compared to the foam food container machines from other companies, our PSP foam food container machine enjoys a variety of advantages such as more reasonable structure, more compact appearance, stable running, higher efficiency and very easy to operate and maintain.

For this plant, we have two options for you, Plan A and Plan B. For Plan A, we adopt fully automatic forming and cutting machines. It is an ideal machine for you to improve the production efficiency and to save labor cost. For Plan B, the vacuum forming machine and cutting machine are separated. It is an economical choice for you.


Styrofoam tray/box for fruits, vegetables, fresh meat used in supermarkets, and packages for the fast food containing
Lunch box, bowls, dinner trays, and various types of food containers
The used tray, box, bowls could be recycled.

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