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Technique support:
Our technical experts are always willing to assist customers over phone, fax or e-mail on specific problems related to machine operation and maintenance.

We also have qualified team of engineers to assist customers in their process related problems. They can also guide you on selection of correct polymer or polymer blend or film structure etc.

Spare parts:
A separate store for essential spares of all the plants is maintained at our works to cater to any urgent need of the customer.

Our manuals are provided with part lists for all the assemblies of the machine and customer is required to inform us the machine no. and the part no. only. We ensure dispatch of spare parts within 24 hours provided the requirement is clear and commercial formalities are completed.

We offer training to the customer’s personnel during assembly and testing of ordered plants at our premises. In specific cases, request for extensive training of customer’s personnel at the premises of old customers can also be arranged.

We also offer training by our skilled technicians and/or qualified trainers at the customer’s premises on operation, maintenance and trouble shooting of the plants.

A complete set of operation and maintenance manuals are delivered to the customer at the time of installation of the machine.

Manuals consists of detailed information on safety instructions, installation, operation, major operational functions, maintenance, assembly-wise part lists, circuit diagrams, load data and manuals of the bought-out items like electric motors, valves, gear boxes etc.

Furthermore, we will continue to strive as a specialized firm to realize new technologies and new products in other to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.

We will always stand by our customers as a hard-working corporation that provides happiness to society by creating a health and joyous corporate culture.