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The demand of polyurethane foam in the market increasing for quality has been improved, to quickly meet the user requirements to produce polyurethane foam is the problem of each manufacturer of polyurethane. The main foam machines for the polyurethane material is PE foam sheet extruder, PE foam sheet extrusion line.

Based on the level of production of polyurethane foam machines the actual requirements, specifically introduces a level of foam machines chain plate conveyor system design, and complete specific principle of its detailed structural analysis and design. This level of foam machines chain conveyor system from the drive board, bottom and side chain plate conveyor system board transfer system. system consists of a simultaneous control of Electromagnetic Induction Motor bottom plate and side plate chain of transmission, and distribution through the rational choice of drive gear ratio and to ensure the bottom plate and side panels speed chain synchronization, thereby ensuring a smooth foam.
Key levels of foam machines chain plate conveyor system synchronization
Title The Design for Chain Transmission System of the Horizontal Continuous Foaming Machine
Because the required amount and quality of polyurethane plastic increases day by day, how to produce polyurethane plastic as the clients require as soon as possible become a problem that most producer expect to solve.
According to factual require of the horizontal continuous foaming machine producing polyurethane plastic, this paper introduces a scheme of the designing of the chain transmission mechanism, the analyses of its theory and particular mechanism designing process. This horizontal continuous foaming machine producing is composed of driving device, bottom chain board carrying mechanism and side chain transmission mechanism. In this system the bottom chain transmission mechanism and the side chain transmission mechanism controlled by asynchronous electromotor simultaneity. By distributing the transmission rate and selecting transmission mode rationally, this system has realized synchronization of velocity of bottom chain board carrying mechanism and chain board carrying mechanism. Therefore, the horizontal continuous foaming can work smoothly.
To increase the quality of the foam machines is the main problem for every company in China to face in nowadays. Tongyi company has nearly 30 years experience and we put much effort on this job to face the strong competition. We believe the quality is the life for the company and we will always try our best to improve the machines quality to meet customers’ demand.